The №1 key to self-discipline


It’s a Thursday. It’s sunny yet cold, but somehow the sun’s rays make it unnoticeable. I’m lounging on my couch and watching yet another series. I feel like I’m getting drunk midday. Yet, I am not. I am drinking some very expensive almond milk, which…

Source: Charlesboi for RedBubble

I have never been too much into politics, but as an aspiring entrepreneur, politics is an important subject. So, I started listening and reading to news. Nowadays, that’s how my morning starts.

Especially working in business and consulting (it’s my new fancy job that I don’t really talk publicly about)…

Slow living — imagine if once in a while you can stop, marvel and enjoy life to its fullest. With no interruptions, no distractions, just life itself. Especially in a world where we basically do not stop, although the pandemic taught us to slow down at least for a while…

So, after spending a month in isolation, without seeing our friends and family and some of us basically stuck in a different country with no way of returning, quarantine officially ended. At least in Europe. But what comes next?

In all my twenty-two years of existence, I never thought I’d…

Sofija Sion

A writer in her 20s who is still trying to find her self through the art form of writing. Always telling you the stuff you don’t wanna hear.

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